Do not:

  1. You may not permit to post commercial or business promotion messages. Any materials that promote your website, business or products are considered as spam and the account banned without notice.
  2. Do not share any personal contact information (i.e. Address, Phone Number, Mail Id etc.) on the forums. This is to safeguard your security and individuality. Asking other member login details is forbidden.
  3. No discussion of any violence or illegal activity that could harm other members. Any post that is related to vulgar, sexual harassment or abuse is strictly prohibited and the account banned immediately.
  4. Do not post any referral or affiliate links
  5. You may not bump threads/posts to encourage attention. Moderators may remove your account anyway.
  6. Do not cross post ( post the same materials in several forums)
  7. No spam is permitted.
  8. No posts of copyrighted content that violates the copyright.
  9. Be Nice & Be respectful of members. Don’t flame or troll other members. Posts which humiliate other members are subjected to thread deletion or account suspension.
  10. All discussions must be in English. Don’t use other languages.
  11. Kindly use clean language. We don’t tolerate obscene, sexism or foul language in any way.
  12. Multiple Account Policy: Each member may only have one account. Any member who has intentionally registered multiple accounts will be banned immediately without warning.
  13. Having invalid Email Id may results in immediate account deletion.
  14. Try not to mislead people by posting false messages.
  15. Try not to use ASCII or Unicode symbols
  16. You may not use a forum to recommend other company or encourage reputation
  17. Poor grammar or poor writing will only get your message deleted promptly.
  18. You may not use the forum to post comments, opinions or ideas that are discriminatory in nature.
  19. You should never posts discussing or arguing about forum policies. Any attempt to violate community standards will be banned permanently upon discovery.
  20. Posts discussing about moderator actions may result in account suspension.
  21. Avoid posting and creating inappropriate threads.

General Posting Guidelines:

This is a user to user interaction forum. Use this forum properly to post related to Healthcare. Be constructive and Stay on topic.

Use a descriptive title for the post and don’t deviate from the main topic.

Signature Rules:

a) After you have reached 20 posts, you are allowed to add a signature to your posts.

b) Maximum Characters in Signature Including BB Code Mark-up: 200 Char

c) Maximum Characters in Signature Excluding BB Code Mark-up: 150 Char

d) Maximum Lines in Signature: 3 Lines

e) Maximum Number of Images/Videos in Signature: 1

f) Signature Image Maximum Width (pixels): 500

g) Signature Image Maximum Height (pixels): 100

h) Signature Image Maximum File-size (bytes): 10000

Avatar Rules:

a) Animated Avatars and Business Logo are not allowed. You may permit to upload custom avatars.

b) Avatar Maximum Width (pixels): 200

c) Avatar Maximum Height (pixels):200

d) Avatar Maximum File Size (bytes) 1KB = 1024 bytes: 100000

Our Agreement:

By participating in these forums, you agree to follow the forum rules. Violating forum rules and guidelines will result in immediate account deletion. We reserve the right to ban users at any time without notice.